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Editor by day, author by night.

And, scene.

This morning I put final touches on the book, and it is now in the hands of an agent.  And so, the waiting and a new flavor of fretting begins. I am not sure how to feel about it. Part of … Continue reading

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Down by Two

One more week, and I should have something resembling progress on my book to share here. In the meantime, I’m delighted to report that the man who brought you America 1844 (and to whom I am married) is now contracted to … Continue reading

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So You Want to Be an Author

There are big doings afoot, but I feel like if I talk about them before they happen, I will jinx them. So instead I will share something that made me laugh harder than the comments on the Hutzler 571 banana slicer. When … Continue reading

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Faith, Hope, and Charity

Yes, I know some translations say it should be “love” instead of “charity,”  but I need more of the latter than the former right now—and I like to think that I try to pay all three of those forward to the best … Continue reading

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Seminars, Symposiums, and Oh, Yeah, Books

So, there have been several developments, some of them social, some of them literary. I went to a book festival in Kentucky last month as a spousal tagalong while my husband talked America 1844.  It was interesting to go to the seminars—all … Continue reading

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Lack of Focus, Little Progress

I have not finished reading any books.  I am in the middle of one (re-reading an old Karen Abbott—Sin in the Second City), listening to another (David McCullough’s 1776), and foolishly started a third this week because it looked frothy … Continue reading

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“Moby Dick? Never Read It.”

(Titled with apologies to Laurie Anderson.) Well, I still haven’t technically read it, and I daresay I never will. I spent the past two weeks listening to it on CD during my commutes to work, and that was enough to put … Continue reading

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This is the problem with trying to blog every week.  Too many works in progress, no progress to actually report. The proposal is written and in the hands of a capable but overtaxed editor who will get to it when … Continue reading

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Getting Closer

The book, oh the book. Every day I do not write the book.  But I poke at it around the edges. I send email to strangers looking for information I don’t have, and they probably don’t either. I do web … Continue reading

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Dropping the Ball

Well, I missed last week’s window to blog.  I wish I could say it was because I was working so hard on the book, or so absorbed in reading someone else’s, but the truth is I was just flat lazy … Continue reading

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