Killing Time

I got paid for my Cliff’s Notes thingie. And the check didn’t bounce.  I have no idea what happens to the thing now, since nobody has been in touch since then, but whatever.  I suppose I should choose a new topic to truncate, but I’ve got too much Actual Reality stuff going on to embark on another project.

The kid’s play is kicking into overdrive. Fortunately, the stuff I have to do is now all well in hand, so I can sit for long stretches and just read my book. (Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, thank you very much. I find this a suitable complement to Fiddler on the Roof. Snort.)  Work continues to be work.  I’m developing an unhealthy obsession with one of those silly games on Facebook.  I haven’t emailed my dad in a while because I have, quite literally, nothing to write home about.

This is not to say I’m not busy — or will be. I have several plans lined up, but can’t act on any of them just yet. I always seem to be waiting for One More Thing to happen before I kick off a massive roller-coaster like chain of events.  I’m waiting for the play to end. For school to get out. For Congress to recess. For the neighbor girl/babysitter/right hand to get her college diploma and figure out what SHE’S going to do and if I can hire her for the summer. I’m waiting for the phone to ring or the alarm to go off or until I get paid or who knows what.  Who says procrastination isn’t an art?  Meanwhile, I’m getting four or five hours of sleep a night, I’m almost never home, and I’m not entirely sure where all the time is going. Maybe I need to sit down and chart an hourly schedule….  orrrrrr, maybe just a little nap.


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