So You Want to Be an Author

There are big doings afoot, but I feel like if I talk about them before they happen, I will jinx them. So instead I will share something that made me laugh harder than the comments on the Hutzler 571 banana slicer.

When I was in Kentucky a while back, the big draw of the event was Diana Gabaldon. She said she is often asked, “How did you go from being a scientist to an author?” and her answer is, “Well, I wrote a book. It’s not like you have to get a license or anything.”

As someone who has written more than a couple books and is still in the process of going from writer to author, I can tell you there’s more to it than just Writing a Book. However, that is definitely the first hurdle to clear.

And thanks to a link from my dear friend Kris, I am now aware that wikiHow is at the ready to assist, with How to Write a Book.  The writing, the suggestions, the illustrations, the fact I got a blank screen when I clicked the Sample Excerpts—it was all fried gold.  My personal favorite: “The only caveat for true non-fiction is that it be factual.” Excellent protip, wikiHow!


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2 Responses to So You Want to Be an Author

  1. Fried gold! Bahahahaha!

  2. Yah, we watched Shaun of the Dead last night and I resolved to use that term more often. Love that movie!

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