DingDing: Round Two

I heard from the agent.  I’m a lovely writer, but my story is too small and centric. So I am going to look for small and centric publishers. I have a list. Now it is just a matter of compiling the info and sending it off.  Onward!

It’s a lot like applying for jobs. You have a basic chunk of info that you reword and reshape into assorted customizations for assorted recipients.

It is a weekend project.

Since I am doing that anyway, I’m hoping to get enough free time that I can go all out and run this process for two or three projects I’ve had sitting. I mean, why throw a few strands of  spaghetti at the wall when you could throw a whole pot, right? (And while I’m waiting for responses, I can actually take a fresh look at some of the manuscripts and clean them up if need be. It pretty much always need be…)

We have been busy doing assorted other things, so my reading dropped off last week, and probably won’t pick up again til next week.  No critiques this week! But maybe two next week.


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Editor by day, author by night.
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