Finally Bona Fide

“Certainly not, I gather, the world’s greatest living expert on Julius and Ethel Rosenberg . . .”

But I am, I think, maybe the world’s greatest living expert on Lucien Fewell and James Francis Clark.

This was the big week. The book is in print and available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. It’s even near the top of the hit list when you search for the title.

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It is exciting stuff. I can officially call myself an author. I have a lot of fun stuff to look forward to, and I’m happy and hopeful the story will find an audience.

But the funny thing is, I don’t feel any different. I don’t feel relief or satisfaction or successful, per se. In fact, I feel like it might be  to start working on something else.  This is funny when you consider the fact that the coming months should see me talking more than ever about Brentsville and 1872. Maybe these guys have been in my head for so long now that I take them for granted?

Still, I’m glad they are there and I’m glad I got them on the page. And I’m beyond grateful to the 50 berzillion people who helped me with the project. That was probably the best part.  Well, one of the best parts. The other best part was when people whose writing and knowledge I love and respect told me I’d done a good job. Those were some over-the-moon compliments, believe me.

So now I will intersperse 1872 history tidbits with scheduled appearances and plugs for purchase. And maybe some updates on new projects, who knows?!


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