Foward Gear!

After a scramble to gather my material from assorted backup drives and email, polish it up and create a synopsis from scratch, I have sent my stuff to the agent I met at the conference. (Did I mention the best part about meeting her? She told me what genre my book is. And she didn’t even laugh at me when I asked. Love.)

And thus it begins again.  All excited and nervous and maybemaybemabye.  Does this boost the metabolism? WIll it be good for my diet?

Meanwhile, I’ve been signed up to write something called a Quicklet for an outfit called Hyperink.  They say if I do well they will pay me, so here goes nothing.  I hope they are not a big scary scam, as I gave them all kinds of W-2 info. At least it’s an enjoyable assignment; it’s basically a glorified book report on Erik Larson’s In the Garden of Beasts — a book we already owned, even!

So. Back to the scribbling!


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