Rallying Enthusiasm

So, I have decided that the last couple weeks were the nadir and that I had to start utilizing the Internet for its most useful function: providing anonymous outlets for my vitriol and defeatism, thus sparing those around me from having to hear and read about it ad nauseam. So far it’s working. I’m having a lot of fun with my new You Suck feed on Twitter. And no, you can’t see it.

The weather has also conspired to make me feel better.  70s and 80s! I’ve actually been ditching the office to go for walks around town. Of course, this doesn’t make me want to write. It makes me want to pitch my laptop down a well and go to the beach.  But, hey. Everything’s a tradeoff.

During my big self-pity party, I talked to my friend in publishing. She told me that I need to keep writing because writing is what I like to do.  Well, yes.  But, see, I also like making money. So I think before I embark on any new time-sinks, I should really try to figure out how to increase my odds of doing both at the same time. I reckon I’ll keep shopping my existing stuff around — but maybe I need to write the quintessential nonfiction guide to … I don’t know what. Anyone got a magic secret to share?

My pal in IT says she might be able to resurrect the stuff off my desktop. This is good news.  Three steps back, maybe two forward?

The writing conference was Saturday. The biggest news out of that was that the agent I chose to pitch to asked to see three chapters and a synopsis.  I’m frantically getting the synopsis in order now — as usual, I wrote long and now I need to halve it.  But the chapters are, I think, in decent shape.

The second biggest news is that I learned I’ve been doing this blog All Wrong.  Fortunately, nobody’s really been reading it up to now so I’ve got a chance to correct course.  More photos. More discussion of inspirations and outcomes and maybe some sample copy. Less discussion of the craft and the process.  Well, maybe. Probably. We’ll see.  I’m pretty obsessed with craft and process. That’s how I wound up a copy editor. So you’ll still see a bit of that, I reckon.

OK, then. Onward.


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  1. I think the amount of craft is fine, a lot of the authors whose blogs I read write about the craft. But adding in that other stuff is certainly not a bad thing.

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