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School’s in Session

Well, more or less. School starts Tuesday for my kid.  I reckon if he’s stuck back in the grind, I should restore some rigor and discipline to myself, if only out of sympathy. I’m not sure what this blog is … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

I took off work last week, and spent the time … well, working.  The house hadn’t been cleaned in ages, and the dog hair was practically doubling as wall-to-wall carpet.  All of us were sneezing from dust and dander and … Continue reading

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Rallying Enthusiasm

So, I have decided that the last couple weeks were the nadir and that I had to start utilizing the Internet for its most useful function: providing anonymous outlets for my vitriol and defeatism, thus sparing those around me from … Continue reading

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When at a Loss…

A friend of mine wrote me last night: “The mind boggles, and when I’m at a loss my new instinct is to make internets.” I’m right there with him. Making internets is like good-for-you brain candy.  You can siphon off … Continue reading

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Speaking So You Are Understood

I feel a bit sorry for the writers of Downton Abbey.  They’re getting a lot of flak for language infractions, and I’m not sure they deserve the microscope for that particular shortcoming. Frankly, I’m more in this guy’s camp. Still, … Continue reading

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Onward, Ever Onward

I have yet to hear back, good or bad, on any of the queries I’ve sent this month — not counting the one that rejected me inside of an hour. In the meantime, I’ve been amusing myself by reading critiques … Continue reading

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A Matter of Perspective

The last couple of mornings, I have been driving to work in a dense fog. Not a mental fog. A real one, where mist swirls around the car and landmarks are turned into light and dark fuzzy outlines and the … Continue reading

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