School’s in Session

Well, more or less. School starts Tuesday for my kid.  I reckon if he’s stuck back in the grind, I should restore some rigor and discipline to myself, if only out of sympathy.

I’m not sure what this blog is going to turn into this year. Writing about writing is kind of boring. (Although I got a new job this summer, and I will confess to having allllll kinds of opinions about the Oxford comma, and about en-dashes.) But I’m sure even when I have fun writing about writing, that makes for boring reading. We shall see.

For now, it’s more fun to write. And again, discipline. So I’ll reboot by using this space for writing exercises.  Sort of a self-directed creative writing course, but with nobody grading me, unless someone stumbles over a post and wants to comment/criticize/parse.

I’m going to California on business this week. So my first project will be to try some travel writing here every night, starting Monday.  What I see, what I do, using all five senses and focusing on both big picture themes and minute details.

OK, then. Here we go….


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