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The Alpha and Omega

Ever since I began writing — and we are talking book reports in second grade — I have struggled with how to end things. (This also applies to relationships and other experiences, which have a roundabout impact on my writing, … Continue reading

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Onward, Ever Onward

I have yet to hear back, good or bad, on any of the queries I’ve sent this month — not counting the one that rejected me inside of an hour. In the meantime, I’ve been amusing myself by reading critiques … Continue reading

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Why Use One Word When Thirty Will Do?

“I would have written a shorter letter but didn’t have time.” — attributed to Voltaire, Twain and Pascal, and probably a zillion other folks. It’s a clever saying, but it is incredibly, sadly true of most people I know.  I’ve … Continue reading


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Kill Your Babies

No, no, not a political screed.  I’m not allowed to do those until I find a job that doesn’t require me to be strictly nonpartisan.   I’m talking here about the editing process. One of the things they teach you in … Continue reading

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Voice, Or Lack of Same

My kid is a drama nut. He wants to be an actor when he grows up. (He has also expressed interest in baseball, politics and rocketry, but theater appears to endure.) One of the games we play is called Five … Continue reading

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What Are You Trying to Say?

“Write what you know.” It’s a cliche, but — as another cliche reminds us — cliches become thus because they are true. Everything I’ve written started in something I knew fairly well. It’s just easier.  There’s less research required, which … Continue reading

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