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A Little Off the Sides.

So, I’m scribbling furiously on the “collaboration” I’m doing with the kid. Still having a ball. And I think I’m keeping it inside a reasonable word count right out of the gate this time. On the other writing front, I … Continue reading

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A Lame Excuse

Part of writing is the ability to convey and communicate experiences. In order to do that, you need either a vivid imagination, or to have actually had some experiences. I’m working on the former and seeking out the latter.  Which … Continue reading

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Proust Vs. the DVR.

I’m a little jealous of my kid.  His is a pretty heedless scramble through life. Not much planning, not much foresight, not much consideration of consequences, just bouncing from A to B to C as events occur. The consequences occasionally … Continue reading

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Fear and Ignorance

(Props to those who recognize what that’s from.) So in my last post I lamented that I hadn’t really written anything not aimed at whoring myself out in one capacity or another.  I rectified that; I wrote yesterday. I’m 5,000 … Continue reading

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“It’s just as hard to write a bad book as a good one,”  I heard more than once as I was beating myself up on my latest endeavor.  It was actually encouraging, in a way.  That meant it was just … Continue reading

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